About Us

  • Leading for universal needs
  • Solid financial
  • Growing sustainably

  • Give you the best experience
  • Regularity in work ethic
  • Adaptive and innovative
  • Harmony in plurality

  • The Drive to always achieve something bigger
  • Strengthening the ability and competency to fulfil our duties
  • Responsibility for work to completion
  • Dicipline
  • Consistent
  • Speak and act according to the principles of morality
  • Proactively meet customer needs
  • Prioritizing customer satisfaction
  • Building good relationship
  • Quick and responsive to respond to customers
  • Initiative
  • Creative
  • Active, creating new opportunities and continuous improvement
  • Obey the governance/conditions/requirements/regulations that apply
  • Business processes aligned with the company's strategic initiatives

Making significant impact.

#primary-menu{ font-family:"Calibri, sans-serif"; } Inti Fauzi Group is a robust private owned company, established by Abdilla Fauzi Achmad. The business started off with property based which includes development and management. Meanwhile while always strengthening the core business of property, Inti Fauzi Group expanded to lighting provision, by participating in brightening several main roads nationwide. With times, as for tenancy comfort, Inti Fauzi Group continued with forming food and beverages enterprise which then grows to include cafe, restaurant and catering services.