SRIWIJAYA Central Business District (Sriwijaya CBD) is a 307 hectares industrial estate, emerging from a property company which has excellent record not only in development but also in management



SRIWIJAYA Central Business District (Sriwijaya CBD) is a 307 hectares industrial estate, emerges from a property company which has excellent record not only in development but also management.  Through our development footprints, Sriwijaya CBD is a complete solutions for business activities which marks the most advance industrial city in Palembang, South Sumatera Indonesia.


Having the presence of Sriwijaya CBD in the epicenter of Palembang, this industrial estate is so close to home which makes ease for corporate engagement between professionals, workers and the whole enterprises as well as industrial systems.


Sriwijaya CBD is even designed with green belt concept, ensuring a clean environment for a healthy balanced life between working and living.




Being the well planned industrial estate, Sriwijaya CBD is highly equipped with water treatment plant system, prime quality electricity supply, flood control with massive drainage, and optical fiber telecommunication cabling. 

Ensuring ongoing productions, Sriwijaya CBD is highly maintained with full protections for comfort and safety for its tenants and visitors. This industrial estate is protected with 24 hours security system and several alternatives secured gates to toll ways and city roads.


With our experiences in property and management, present Sriwijaya CBD, as an integrated industrial estate in Palembang, as  one our promising projects. Located in Gandus District, Sriwijaya CBD covers 307 hectares of land area with an integrated complete concept of industry, logistic, residential, office, business, and utilities. Built with a remarkable master plan, this industrial estate will give you a lot of experiences and benefits for working and living. Sriwijaya CBD aims to offer the prime qualities of power plant, water and waste water treatment plant, flood control, and optical fiber telecommunication that can be enjoyed by tenants and visitors. Moreover, other qualified facilities are also provided to give you one stop living and business solution.